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Internet marketing starts with the basic framework of your website, and the code used to build it. SEO, arguably the most important and bottom layer marketing strategy, seeks to optimize this code and framework so that it's visible and appealing to search engines and visitors alike. 
Did you know that search engines like google only understand one type of code?
Hopefully it's the one your site was built with otherwise marketing yourself online could be next to impossible. While SEO plays a role in the optimization of your website for search engines, it's equally important that your site appeals to people or potential clients on the front end. Aspects like lead capture, navigational ease, and overall presentation are part of the inbound marketing features that help to convert traffic into sales.  After all, it's not search engines who buy your products and services, it's people.  We create transparent strategies that use SEO to deliver traffic to your website and then apply inbound marketing features to enhance the sale-ability of your products and services online.  
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